Artist Statement

Familiar: BFA Drawing and Painting Exhibition, Gallery 100, Tempe, AZ

My work focuses on the beauty that life offers, often simply found by delving into the natural world that surrounds us. The outdoors is the largest source of my inspiration as it has always served as a safe place for me to wander and explore. I am intrigued by the elements of nature that are untouched by man and grow without permission, such as intricate leaves that sprout in admirable and humble detail without the need for anyone to notice them. I am most present when wrapped up in Arizona's landscapes. Capturing moments in nature through my work is a way to both document and reflect on my personal experiences.

As a flower blooms with the help of its nurturing environment, my family- especially my mother, have allowed me to do the same. I continuously seek to pay homage to her through my work. While I paint plants, flowers and insects that I come upon day to day, they ultimately become metaphors for my family and agents of identity.